Cleansing Cloth


Raw, un-dyed + sustainably produced using a weave of peace silk + organic cotton, our cleansing cloth effortlessly lifts + sweeps away dead skin cells, dirt + makeup

Machine washable, quick drying

Options :

Start by applying Cold Cream with clean hands to the face, gently massaging using The Seated Queen Four-Step Face Massage

When ready to remove the Cold Cream, soak + wring out cloth with warm water + with the cloth draped over your hand, gently rotate your index + middle fingers to remove dead skin cells, makeup + dirt

Rinse the face with warm water

Super-soft, long-lasting + generously sized, suitable for most skin types, including those with acne-prone or sensitive skin

Un-dyed, ethically sourced raw silk + organic cotton

Bespoke weave that gently + effortlessly removes dirt + makeup

Antibacterial + anti-inflammatory fabric

Machine washable + quick drying (especially when compared to traditional cotton muslins + flannels)

Made in Assam, Northeast India, eri silk has a unique fine, durable texture with a subtle sheen. Referred to as peace silk, eri is a unique form of silk because it is extracted using completely non-violent methods. For this reason it is often worn by buddhist monks in countries including India, Bhutan, Nepal + Japan

Created from the empty cocoons of the wild samia ricini silk moth, which feeds on organic castor leaves, its offspring leaves the cocoon before the cocoons are harvested + spun. This ensures that the silk moth is not harmed + its lifecycle is not disrupted

The spun raw threads are more cotton-like + absorbent than mulberry silk, but share the same anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties. When spun, eri silk has an undulating texture that is ideal for gentle cleansing + exfoliating sensitive skin

Composed of 70% peace silk + 30% organic cotton
If you have any questions about any of our ingredients, please send an email to

100% recyclable packaging
Made in India
No animal testing

If you have any questions about any of our ingredients, please send an email to

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