Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to

— The Seated Queen are specifically created to address the causes of dull + dehydrated skin, with formulations developed instant + long-term results. We prefer to make products that address a specific skin need, rather than down arbitrary lines of age bracket or gender.

Our formulations are created to be as gentle + effective as possible, using the highest quality ingredients available. As such, a large number of our customers suffer from sensitive skin conditions including eczema, contact dermatitis, rosacea + psoriasis.

Dehydrated skin—in other words, skin lacking in water—can be dry, combination, oily or normal skin types. Those who experience this skin condition tend to have skin that feels tight + with dark undereye circles, fine lines, rough texture + increased sensitivity.

We cannot guarantee that the product will work for absolutely everyone. If you have any concerns, we recommend checking with your dermatologist before use.

If you have any specific questions about the ingredients — or anything else for that matter — please do not hesitate to get in touch using the email:

— Yes, we use 100% vegan products in all formulations
— All our products have been formulated to be safe for use on the skin, however we recommend consulting a medical professional before use.
— As much as we love a good bathroom shelfie, we recommend keeping products in a cool dark place so that the beneficial properties of the ingredients are retained.

— Our Cold Cream is suitable for first + second cleanses. We recommend double cleansing, especially if you have is a face full of product, because it is more effective to do two quick, gentle cleanses than one extended one.

The first cleanse removes the makeup, spf + any other dirt accumulated over the course of a day, the second cleanse will clean + rebalance your skin.

Some brands advise two separate products for double cleansing, but the seated queen cold cream has been formulated to perform both tasks, so you just need to apply it twice.

If you want to incorporate our Four-Step Face Massage into your double cleanse, we recommend using it on your second cleanse, once makeup + any product has been removed.

— See our Rituals for a guide to how you can combine + layer our products according to what your skin needs on a given day.

— Cold-pressed + CO2 extraction methods is complex, but it preserves all of the qualities of an oil, whether that is the linoleic acid, trans-retinoic acid present in rosehip seed oil, or the high concentrations of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), linoleic, oleic, stearic + palmitic acids in borage seed oil, or the rich fatty acids, vitamins, phenols present in argan oil.

Not all oils can be extracted using a cold-pressing method, but we have used organic cold-press oils where possible.

Where the cold-pressing extraction method is not possible, we source oils that have been minimally processed through distillation +/or fermentation to ensure their active qualities are retained.

— Essential oils are plant extracts that can have both skin-supporting benefits + aromatherapeutic properties. They should be combined with a fatty carrier oil before used topically. Skin-benefiting essential oils in our formulation include frankincense, which has astringent properties, + lavender oil, which helps the body produce antioxidants + has been shown to calm + slow down the heart rate in clinical trials.

Essential oils should be formulated professionally. They must be used at specific concentrations, + they must be pure, organic + unadulterated. While they may not be for absolutely everyone, when used in this way they can be therapeutic, anti-inflammatory + regenerating to the skin.

—The Seated Queen keeps things simple: one exceptional formulation designed to meet your skin’s needs at night so that it is healthy + replenished when you wake up.

Our priority is using safe + high quality ingredients — regardless of their natural or synthetic status. We use organic + cold-pressed oils such as bakuchiol, rosehip + borage seed, where possible as these are considered more effective than their synthetic counterparts, but every ingredient in our formulation has been carefully examined, researched + tested so that we only include the best.

For example, we use a 'nature identical' preservative because this ensures the product doesn’t spoil + retains its beneficial properties, but we use natural bisabolol, because this is shown to be twice as effective as synthetic versions.

The actives that we use, such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid + BHAs, are all shown to work in harmony with the way that skin naturally functions.

— Every element of our packaging, from the postal box to the jar lid is recyclable + where possible, created from recycled materials. As a small brand we are able to keep in close contact with our suppliers to ensure ingredients are grown + created sustainably. All our ingredients are soil association/Cosmos + Vegan Society approved.
— Initially we created the products in our barn in rural Wiltshire + the final product has been developed + manufactured in the UK with one of the industry’s most well respected skincare formulators, who is behind some of the most coveted high-end cult beauty products to launch over the past decade.
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