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We're big fans of Ellie Hay, the creative force + founder of content agency + digital platform Patter.  With clients including A.P.C., London's Design Museum + The Clove Club, her unique vision + aesthetic champions a life that is less cluttered, more thoughtful, + celebrates the beauty in the everyday. 


Tell us about a creative who inspires you

This summer I visited Eileen Gray’s Villa E-1027 in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin + was completely star struck! It must have been radical + visionary to undertake such a project as a woman in the 1920s. The house is so elegant + Gray developed many thoughtful details for living — like her cork table top, so guests in the adjoining bedroom wouldn’t be disturbed by clanking silverware.

Describe your skin 

Dull, sometimes sensitive, a little neglected…

Who influenced your beauty routine?

My friend Thom Walker is a makeup artist (now Creative Director of Givenchy Beauty) who always prioritises skin. He taught me how to confidently massage + pat products into my skin — + that a well brushed brow goes a long way.

What is your favourite decade for beauty?

Probably just a decade ago in the 2010’s Phoebe Philo era at Céline. The runway beauty looks were always so paired back + modern but never boring — a strong eye liner or bold matte lip would punctuate super healthy looking skin.

Favourite skincare ingredient?

Anything calming or herby like lavender + rosemary. I love taking a deep inhale from my palms when applying skincare.

Ideal soundtrack to your skincare ritual?

Definitely a good podcast — they always leave me feeling nourished. I particularly enjoy listening to Elizabeth Day's How to Fail series (another inspiring woman).

If there was one thing that could change about the beauty industry, what would it be?

Women are conditioned to spend much more on beauty than men — thus fuelling the economy — but we earn less. So when, on top of that, products are overpriced or over complicated, it’s kind of enraging.

How do you unwind for the day?

I change into pyjamas almost immediately. Clean my face, cook dinner, + indulge (unapologetically) in trash television — namely RHOBH.

— Who is your Queen of everything?

I find women in general awe inspiring which is usually a thought I have part way through conversations with my friends, mum + sister.

What are you looking forward to?

Doing things differently. I’m shifting away from some of my ways of working that formed during the pandemic. It’s small stuff, but feels pretty big to me, + it’s always exciting to feel progress.

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Cassiopeia’s Serum Concentrate
Soothing lightweight face serum with niacinamide, organic aloe vera extract, multiple weights of hyaluronic acid, + cold-pressed organic rosehip + bakuchiol seed oils Boosts ceramide production + strengthens lipid barrier function to smooth, plump + restore suppleness. Arrives in frosted glass bottle...
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Restoring Face Oil
Waterless lightweight face oil. Calms redness + evens skin tone. Enables skin to retain moisture, regulate oil + stimulate collagen production. With organic cold-press oils. Vegan Society-accredited Arrives in frosted glass bottle with glass pipette. Keep cool + out of direct...
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