The Q+A — Tree Carr



A Thing of Beauty Q+A — Some morning inspiration by way of brilliant author, death doula + mystic Tree Carr.

Who is your queen of everything?

"My queen of everything is the ancient dark moon goddess, Lillith. She is an esoteric icon, symbol + representation of feminine identity, feminine sexuality, liberation + empowerment. She is so bad ass!"

Describe your skin in three words?

"Healthy, nourished + ageing gracefully."

What’s your favourite decade for beauty?

"The 1970s! I love how natural it was. I'm also biased because I was born in the early 70s."

Who is your ultimate beauty icon?

"Michèle Lamy. She is nearly 80 years old + expresses her style + beauty in a compelling, unique and rebellious way"

Who influenced your skincare routine?

"My mother. As a child, I remember watching her apply her nightly Oil of Olay. I loved the fragrance. There was also some experiments with avocados which ended up looking like a guacamole face mask!"

What’s your ideal soundtrack to your skincare ritual? Or ideal setting?

"My ideal skincare setting is in a relaxing bath listening to psychedelic soundscapes."

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