The Q+A — Sarika Thakoral



We spoke to Art Director, Photographer and bonafide tastemaker, Sarika Thakorlal about her beauty routine, icons and ideal atmos. 

“Since I get to work with lots of beautiful skincare brands, I've often got a few new things on rotation. But I definitely do like to keep things simple, and no matter what, I always focus on a good cleanse and a moment for a face massage.”

Who is your queen of everything?

“Bjork is definitely my ultimate goddess and someone who I've loved since I was 10. Hers was the first album I owned - on cassette, naturally. Her ever-evolving modes of self-expression have always spoken to my core.

Describe your skin in three words.

“Thirsty. Sensitive. Changing.”

What’s your favourite decade for beauty?

“Easily mid-century - the Fifties and Sixties. That thick, elongated liner on an eye fixed with disdain has always felt like armour to me. I don't feel fully 'me' without it on. I don't think I'll ever fully grow out of it.”

What are your ideal conditions for an evening skincare routine?

“If I am in need of de-stressing, I get some palo Santo burning and pop on a sound bath, and hey presto! It's an instant spa situation. Highly recommend it.”

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